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Two parts of the 'Emotional Accordion' series are currently available:

Emotional Accordion 1

 The musical expression of emotions comes first in this album. It contains a combination of themes that have been taken straight from life and can be awakened by the player. What stands out in this part is the special harmonisation. This results in universally sounding melodies, in which the enjoyment of playing prevails. There is a lot of attention for dynamics, good phrasing and the use of timbre.  Playing experience: 2 to 3 years.


Emotional Accordion 2

Similar to part 1, Emotional Accordion 2 contains various themes in which musical expression comes first. In order to express the versatility of the accordion, this part features more independent left-hand bass lines. This results in pieces of music in which the bass and the melody influence each other in a playful way and create surprisingly beautiful and melodic melodies. Playing experience: 2 to 3 years



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