Innovative compositions


In his musical practice, Joop Post has gained many years of experience with accordion students. In addition to the educational pieces, he was always looking for beautiful, melodic melodies. Since they are scarce, unlike piano music, he started to compose them himself.


He wanted to show that the accordion can do much more than the typical folk music, tangos, Balkan music, klezmer, musettes and waltzes. Inspired by piano music, universal melodies arose, in which musical expression comes first.





Joop Post started playing accordion music at Brouwers Muziekschool in Giekerk in his youth, played in the Brouwers Accordion Orchestra and worked as a teacher at the Bildtse Muziekschool in St. Annaparochie (Friesland).


He studied Accordion and School Music at the MPA (Muziek Pedagogische Academie) and the Conservatory in respectively Leeuwarden and Zwolle.





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